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2013 Style Trends You Should Incorporate This Spring

Three 2013 Style Trends You Should Incorporate This SpringThe 2013 style trends spring season is just around the corner and as the sun begins to peak out behind the clouds more often warming up the day you should start thinking about your spring wardrobe. With the change in the season comes the change in the weather and accordingly your clothes should change with it to reflect not only the difference in temperature, but the difference in the overall feeling of the season as well. To help you along, we have put together three 2013 style trends you should incorporate this spring that will help you be fashionably dressed this coming season.

Top 3 2013 Style Trends for Spring

Military Inspired Clothing

This fashion trend has been around for ages and is one of many ageless looks that never seem to go out of style. Whether it is a militaristic jacket with a pair of stylish cargo pants or a pair of effortlessly fashionable military style jump boots, incorporate military inspired clothing into your spring wardrobe in interesting and intriguing ways. Try to not overdo it however; a hint of military inspiration is best through on part of your outfit rather than a full-on look that has “MILITARY” written all over it in big flashy letters.

Striped Clothing and Accessories

In spring 2013 one of the trends for men is stripes… from pop of stripes on a low-key stinky tie to a striped dress shirt. Be risky with this style trend and don’t be afraid to mix things up and mesh the stripes with another pattern or blend different colored stripes to give your look an extra level of dimension. Don’t overload on stripes though as after a certain point it becomes a little too distracting; choose selected sections of your look to incorporate stripes into so that the look is balanced and fashionable from head to toe.

Primary Colored Clothing

Primary colors are red, blue, yellow and green, and in 2013 men’s clothes will have an abundance of these classic colors. The crisp and evocative colors are a stark contrast to the jeweled tones of fall 2012 and the electric colors of spring 2012, providing a perfect base for you to let your inner style king come out. The colors particularly pare well with more muted colors such as beige, tan, khaki, white, etc. One thing should be clear though: don’t mix more than two primary colors together as they can quickly overwhelm a look.

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