Tweezing Or Plucking your Eyebrows What's Better

Tweezing - Who’s PluckyNo guy wants to suffer from even a hint of uni-brow, and random strands coming from the ears or around the collar just scream, “hello granddad!” But for some guys, there’s no reason to rush off to a salon for a big-time waxing. It’s just a few wayward hairs that have wandered where they aren’t wanted.

Tweezing them is simple.

Just grab a pair of slant tip tweezers (these have a small, screwdriver-esque edge on each side of the tweezers) and then use the points to separate out the hair you wish to pluck. Move your tweezers as close to the root as possible without grabbing other hairs, squeeze the tweezers closed and then pull the hair in the direction of growth. Repeat as necessary wherever needed.


Make certain they line up vertically with the outside edge of the bridge of the nose, otherwise, you’ll just look foolish. For ears, be certain not to insert tweezers (or any other sharp element) into the air canal.


This is definitely an area that cannot be ignored. Although plucking incorrectly can be rather painful,  grab your tweezers and some courage to get the job done. If you want to keep the process as pain free as possible make sure you always pull with the grain (aka the direction the hair grows). If you have difficulty seeing, set a magnified mirror on the counter and take a look before you tweeze. Also forget the yanking! You don't need to apply a great amount of force simply place the tweezers as close to the skin as possible to eliminate any slack and slowly pull.


Nobody loves bushy lobes, We mean absolutely nobody at all, especially the ladies. So whatever you do, don't neglect the ears. This area can be tricky to get to with razors, and hair trimmers might not get all the hair, therefore plucking here is probably your best bet. Grab your tweezers and tweeze from the top of the ear lobe down. Avoid plucking hair inside your ear. If it doesn't hang out leave it alone. Plucking too far in can put you at risk of damaging your ear drum.

Make sure these areas are tweezed up nicely and for other body areas, use your best judgment tempered by discretion.

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