Is Aveed the Answer for Low Testosterone?

Is Aveed the Answer for Low TestosteroneWhen it comes to overall manliness, it’s widely considered that those with higher levels of testosterone, are generally considered to be the most manly and alpha-type males, if you will have you heard about aveed.

Is Aveed a New Hope for testosterone lacking males?

Testosterone is the dominant male sexual hormone that is responsible for bone density, hair growth and production, the depth of a person’s voice, their libido, their fertility, their strength, their aggression, and their muscle mass and athletic ability. Not surprisingly then, a great deal of men do all they can to ensure that their testosterone levels remain as high and as elevated as they possibly can.

Now, some men do more exercise, whilst others use health supplements such as Tribulus terrestris, which although they can be marginally successful, if a person is suffering from a genetic hormone imbalance, then these changes simply won’t be enough. The good news however, is that the FDA has just approved a new drug known as Aveed, which is designed to help combat low testosterone levels.

What is Aveed, and how does it work?

Aveed is an injectable drug which has just been approved by the FDA, designed to help combat low testosterone levels in men, and to help treat men suffering from hypogonadism. Now, the release of this particular drug has been the cause of quite a deal of controversy lately, as whilst the drug was still in its basic trial stages, there was some evidence to suggest that the drug could actually significantly increase the risk of cardio related conditions, including heart disease and heart attacks.

Aveed had also actually been rejected for approval, three separate times in the past by various FDA officials and higher ups, so the fact that it’s suddenly been approved now, has left quite a few people puzzled as to what, if anything, has changed.

Now, despite the pretty startling potential side effects, Aveed has shown significant promise regarding being able to significantly elevate a person’s testosterone levels, which in turn can help to treat and combat a whole variety of other health related concerns.

Is Aveed right for you?

The drug is basically an extremely long-acting injection which is administered as a single 750mg injection, with another injection 4 weeks later, and then several follow-up injections which are administered every 10 weeks. One of the main benefits of Aveed is the convenience of the drug, as other drugs and treatments designed to help combat low Testosterone levels, have to be taken either on a bi-weekly, weekly, or even sometimes daily doses, which can sometimes become confusing, or annoying if you have other plans etc. Although Aveed is still in the early stages, and the fact that the side effects are very worrying, it does look as if this could be one of the best and most effective treatments for low testosterone in the world today.

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