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The Beetroot Test for Better Digestive Health

The Beetroot Test for Better Digestive HealthThe beetroot test for better digestive health is one example of how our culture has developed an obsession with health and nutrition over recent decades. From fitness and muscle training to buying only organic foods, many of us are determined to focus on our health and fitness rather than become part of an epidemic statistic.

Beetroot test for better digestive health

What is the beetroot test?

This obsession can be good, however, there are still many people out there that are not open to making dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s only natural that we look at what we’re putting into our bodies, but for some reason nobody wants to talk about what and how it’s coming out. That’s right, folks, we’re going to talk about poop, or more medically referred to as a bowel movement.

What’s the big deal?

It’s not just women who are a little skittish about discussing their daily excretory habits, but men, too, find it difficult to discuss. Bowel movements are one of the most vital parts of being healthy. On average, for mildly to moderately active adults, food will stay in the intestines for 60 to 100 hours! That is plenty of time for toxic wastes and poisons to set up shop and clog the system.

Feeling overly fatigued?

Do you ever feel fatigued or exhausted during or after a workout or throughout the day? It might have something to do with what you’re putting into your body. Not cleansing the bowels properly leaves you feeling sluggish and clogged. Even if you generally eat a healthier diet, any processed or genetically modified food can cause this kind of “back up” in the system.

Find out your “Food Tranist Time”

Physicians refer to the time it takes to have a bowel movement after eating as “food transit time.” A healthy system should take between 12 and 24 hours to digest and excrete wastes. This gives the body plenty of time to absorb everything it needs before sending out everything it doesn’t. A great way to test this is the beetroot test, by eating a large quantity of red beets and then waiting until you see something that looks like blood in your stool. It will freak you out for a second, sure, but then you’ll remember it’s just a test.

Benefits of beetroots

Not only does beetroot give you a good marker of when it has passed through your digestive system it is packed full of vitamins and is known as a blood purifier. To perform the test make a beet salad, make juice or any other way you can add them to your daily vegetable intake. Write down how much you ate, the day, and the time. Then, whenever you see that bloody look in your toilet (and you’ve swallowed your heart back into your chest), you’ll know how long your food transit time is.

There are a variety of problems that can come from not moving toxic wastes out of your body adequately. Those poisons spread through the rest of the body and can affect every system from your immune function to your mentality. It will slow down metabolism and disrupt protein and amino acid absorption, which play vital roles in weight loss and muscle growth. Before making any dietary changes, however, try the beetroot test and take a look at how long it takes you to remove the wastes. If longer than 24 hours, it’s time for a change.

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