Comfort Food Weather aka Autumn

The Autumn chill is in the air and for many that brings on specific food cravings. Bowls of oatmeal and soup to keep the bones warm. Thoughts of comfort food like pumpkin and butternut squash...Yum!

Best Comfort Food for Autumn

There is no reason why we should fall off our healthy lifestyle because our bathing suits are tucked away for a while. Yes, jeans and sweaters, along with long coats will be adorning our beautiful bodies. Cuddling up in front of the fireplace sipping warm hot chocolate.

Is it worth the stress of not having your beach body in the spring?

Now the question? Do you really want to go through that stress of "having to lose the pounds" for beach season AGAIN next year?!?!? Why? Why not just continue to eat your healthy fruits and veggies? I know, there are plenty of days where a cold salad on a cold day is not appetizing. Which is precisely why Sautéed Spinach and Kale Chips to go along with Grilled Salmon & Oven Baked Sweet Potato is the perfect swap.

Plan Ahead

Make your grocery list on Sunday evening to get ready for the week. Get all the necessary ingredients you need to make something delicious like a large pot of Butternut Squash soup. Cook a large amount to enjoy a serving that day, and to also freeze for those days you don't have time to cook.

Be Discipline

Stay true to yourself and stay on the right track. Make healthy clean living your priority, no matter what season it is. Don't wait for "that day" to say ugh, I have to "diet" Allow your "diet" to be the right one everyday of your life! Balance & moderation will lead to true joy, health, and happiness studies have shown having a healthy extend your life span.

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