Sports Massage - What Is Best for You

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage - What Is Best for YouMassage is more than just a way to relax. It can be real medicine. If you suffer an injury or just are under a lot of stress what type of massage should you seek? Let us compare deep tissue and sports massage.

What you will find is that the type of massage you want will often depend on your reason for getting it.

For example, if your running routine has you suffering from shin splints, sports massage is the way to go. The massage therapist is more likely to know how to target a sports injury. On the other hand, if you have a sore back from your daily commute, deep tissue massage may work it out faster.

Both types of massage actually involve similar movements.

A lot circular movements, tapping, and kneading are used to stimulate muscles. In this case, the primary difference is the focus of the massage. If your injury is in more of a sports related area, a sports massage is in order.

Going for a sports massage there is usually only one of two goals you are trying to attain.

Either you are looking to improve your game and avoid injury, or you already have an injury and are seeking medical attention. A deep tissue massage, on the other hand, has a much greater range of purpose. It could be used to relieve stress and tension. You may be trying to reduce pain from a sore back, neck, or shoulders. It can be used to reduce toxins in the body. Regardless of which type of massage you use, you are much more likely to attain your purpose in getting a massage if you talk to the massage therapist in advance.

If you go for a sports massage

The massage therapist will likely assume you are a serious athlete, or that you at least take your recreational sports very seriously. A deep tissue masseuse usually sees a much wider range of clients.

So whatever massage you get should be based off of the reason for getting a massage in the first place.

A sports massage is pretty self explanatory – it should be related to sports performance and injuries. Otherwise, you are probably just looking for deep tissue massage. Don't worry, regardless of which you choose, no one will think you are less manly. Massages have been for more than just day spa goers for a while now.

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