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Dieting Strategies to Blast Away Belly FatEver looked in a mirror at yourself shirtless, and discovered that years upon years of beer drinking, lazing around on the sofa, and junk food have finally taken their toll and have caught up with you, leaving you with a pale, hairy, flabby and wobbly stomach as opposed to a lean and toned one? If so, then rest assured that you’re not alone, as many of us men are guilty of letting ourselves go and fall out of shape as we grow older. Whatever your age maybe, one thing’s for certain, that it’s never too late to better yourself and get yourself back into shape. Sure, it may be a challenge, but nothing in life worth having comes easy, and if you know what you’re doing, then blasting away unsightly belly fat is actually going to be much easier than you may have thought.

Dieting strategies blast away belly fat

Cut out the carbohydrates

If you’re sick and tired of being fat and overweight, and you’re looking for a way to rid your body of unsightly belly fat for good, then why not try cutting out carbohydrates from your diet? Low carb diets have been proven to be extremely effective when it comes to losing fat, and it isn’t uncommon for a person to shed up to 14 lbs in 2 weeks once they make the change. Ensure you do your research and seek medical advice before you proceed with any new dietary change, and then watch the fat literally melt away.

Juice your fruits and veggies

If you’re looking for another effective way of losing fat from your belly, and all over your body for that matter, then why not invest in a juicer, and replace your food meals with juices. One juice drink alone will provide you with all of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants you’ll ever need, and when you consider the fact that the fruits and veggies you consume are pretty much fat-free, well then you do the homework.

Eat small and often

Forget about starving yourself all day and eating one huge and healthy meal in the evening, as that’s not the way to lose weight. Instead, what you need to be doing is eating small and healthy meals every 3 hours or so, in order to keep your metabolism running at its most efficient. Think of your metabolism like a fire. If you throw a huge massive pile of rubbish on it at once, it will be starved of oxygen and will burn slowly.

If you keep feeding fuel to it in smaller and manageable batches, it will burn brightly, and hot, generating plenty of energy and heat. The same principle applies to your metabolism. Feeding it in this way means that it’s constantly being fed energy, which means it can then burn more calories, providing you with even more energy, allowing you to burn even more fat, whilst feeling energised in the process.

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