Exotic Foods You Need to Have Before You Die

Exotic Foods You Need to Have Before You DieHave you ever heard of a bucket list of exotic foods? A list of thing you want to do/ experience before you kick the bucket… well, if you don’t have one you should. Whether it is going to Europe, writing a novel, marrying your college sweetheart or skydiving, Let's start with some cuisine, here are is a list of a few exotic foods that you need to eat before you die because they are just too good to have not experienced them for yourself.

Exotic Foods Bucket List

A Fresh Lobster that You Cook Yourself

Lobster is known to be a fantastic delicacy all over the world. Something that melts in your mouth and makes you see stars it’s so tasty. Well, imagine what it would taste like after you’ve done your manly duty and slayed that beast yourself… i.e. cooked it. There is something visceral about eating the lobster you prepared yourself that just makes it taste a hundred times better than any 5 stars restaurant could ever prepare.

Handmade Pasta Fit for the Gods

Some might say “What’s the difference?”… well, those would be the people who have never tasted the delicious flavor that handmade pasta can offer. Sure it takes a bit of effort, but the real deal doesn’t require you to layer a heavy helping of sauce to make it palatable, it is already bursting with an indescribable flavor that makes you wonder why anyone is willing to go back to the store-bought kind.


If you are able to get passed the idea of these little bad boys, the benefits will ensure that this exotic French dish is a lifetime favorite. Snails, when paired with a delicious sauce of butter, garlic and herbs is a divine experience that feels like a party in your mouth. The texture is similar to seafood such as lobster, mussels and oysters, so if you like those you will be sure to love this dish.


Most people would frantically shake their head no and run away at the idea of eating this exotic food and Japanese delicacy, but the dish is certainly one to remember. The fermented soybeans can have an off putting odor much like a goat cheese, but once you take a bite you will be among the converts who just can’t seem to say no to another bite, and another and another. The meaty aftertaste is similar to pork or venison depending on the moment and is wonderful paired with a simple bowl of rice and a cold beer

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