Mushrooms Health Benefits and nutrient

Four Health Benefits of MushroomsFour health benefits of mushrooms you should know about. Mushrooms tend to be one of those foods that you either like or you hate, and there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground very often. Some people are put off from eating mushrooms because they are literally a fungus that grows in the wild. Another reason why people sometimes shy away from mushrooms is the fact that they often overcook them, and often boil them until they turn a slimy consistency that looks and feels more like an oyster from the sea than a mushroom from the wild. If cooked right however, mushrooms can taste absolutely amazing.

Four health benefits of mushrooms

Especially due to the fact that there are literally so many different varieties to choose from. As well as tasting great, particularly in pasta dishes, mushrooms are also incredibly healthy and good for us as well.

They’re great for helping to manage our weight

Let’s face it, most of us tend to struggle with our weight from time to time, so finding a food that not only tastes great, but also helps us to better manage our weight is obviously going to be extremely encouraging. One of the great things about mushrooms is that they do indeed fit this bill and have been proving extremely beneficial when it comes to weight management for an incredibly long time. Mushrooms are naturally low in fat and also contain large amounts of natural water. A number of studies carried out on mushroom consumption have found that individuals replacing a certain amount of their meat consumption could lose around 8 pounds by simply increasing their mushroom consumption.

They’re a fantastic source of vitamin D

Vitamin D is referred to as the sunshine vitamin, due to the fact that we humans can’t actually absorb or process this vitamin without sunlight. Some people think that vitamin D is contained within sunlight but that is not true, vitamin D is actually naturally produced when we come into sunlight, our bodies simply cannot absorb or process it otherwise. Mushrooms also naturally produce vitamin D when in sunlight, making them fantastic sources. It is great for the immune system, our skin, our joints, and our bones in particular.

Mushrooms boost the immune system

Mushrooms naturally contain large doses of nutrients including vitamin D and antioxidants. The body and the immune system absolutely thrive upon antioxidants, so the more you consume, the stronger the immune system will become. An increased immune system means you’ll be less likely to suffer from diseases or illnesses, and if you do, you’ll be able to recover at a much quicker rate.

Mushrooms are great for the bones

We already mentioned that mushrooms contain vitamin D, which is very beneficial for our bones, but on top of that, they also contain naturally high levels of calcium, which is hugely beneficial when it comes to strengthening your bones, and your teeth too for that matter.

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