God’s Diet Plan For Healthy Eating

For the past several years a diet philosophy has been gaining a lot of followers. It’s called God’s Diet and it is based on the very simple idea that if God didn’t create it then you don’t eat it. It’s a novel approach to eliminating processed foods from your daily menu – and it truly has a lot of merit.

Eating Healthy with God's Diet

Eliminate Processed Foods

Processed foods are filled with sugar, sugar by-products, oils (including the trans-fatty hydrogenated kind), excessive salt, artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, shelf-stabilizers, preservatives, factory-made fillers, and dozens of other things that never existed in nature.

Eat more natural foods

So you eliminate those foods from your diet and then replace them with things that are as they existed in nature. An apple is an apple – an apple-cinnamon-low-carb crunch bar is a long way from an apple. Fish you roasted yourself is just fish and heat… and that’s a good thing. It's a really simple idea that is similar to the Paleo Diet or other diets that advocate a larger consumption of whole or raw foods as the main staple of the diet. A great rule of thumb is the 70/30 rule, 70% of your daily intake is fresh whole foods like vegetables, nuts, fruit and beans. Then the other 30% is lean protein, grains and starchy foods.

Restrictive or Revitalizing

Some refer to this disciplined diet as more restricting that the vegan diet since it also calls for giving up caffeine, sugar and any product containing chemicals. Although it is very strict it has several people swearing by their weight loss results and overall feeling of well-being. Most people discover from following this dietary plan is that they feel lighter, they sleep better, they have fewer digestive issues, they have more energy and they actually have fewer cravings for the wrong kinds of foods. The body gets what it needs, not just to survive, but to thrive.

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