Pistachios Amazing Health Benefits

Health Benefits of PistachiosPistachios are growing in popularity. The reason is because people are starting to discover their health benefits. Whether you just love the taste, are a hipster who ate pistachios before they were cool, or are just now jumping on the bandwagon, you are likely interested in just how good pistachios are for you. Here are just some of the many health benefits it brings.

Discover the amazing health benefits of Pistachios

The circulatory system definitely gets a boost from this super popular nut. Pistachios can help to bring down bad cholesterol levels and raise the good levels. Since they are high in antioxidants like vitamins A and E, they are also beneficial for decreasing inflammation. This is important for your blood vessels, and it can help to lower your risk of heart disease. Pistachios also contain plenty of B vitamins. Your body uses B6 in particular to produce hemoglobin. This is an essential part of your blood which carries oxygen to your cells.

Fuels your nervous system

Now let's move on to the nervous system. Were back to vitamin B6 again. B6 helps your body to develop amino acids which in turn results in amines which are molecules that carry messages through the nervous system. It also helps in the production of chemicals such as serotonin, epinephrine, and melatonin all of which are important for maintaining good mental balance. A B6 deficiency can reduce brain activity and even effect your immune system. The immune system also relies on healthy red blood cells. Since pistachios are good for your blood, they benefit the immune system in a two fold manner.

Great for your vision

Pistachios also are good for your vision which really sets them apart even from other nut. 2 specific carotenoids that are contained in pistachios have been linked to a lower risk of macular degeneration. This condition is the most common cause of visual impairments in the US. Carotenoids are actually antioxidants, so they keep free radicals away from your body including, in this case, your eyes.

Rich Source of Vitamin E

Skin health is also improved due to the E vitamins in pistachios. Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant which is convenient because there is plenty of healthy fat in pistachios. Vitamin E also helps your skin to defend itself from UV radiation. Between free radical reducing antioxidants and UV protection, pistachios are a great protection against the development of skin cancer.

Between all of these benefits and their great taste, there is no reason to leave pistachios out of your daily diet. They are a little pricey since they have become so popular, but in all honesty, they weren't exactly cheap before they became a fad either.

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