How to Grill Fish Step by Step you should follow

How to Grill Fish Step by Step you should followEver wonder how to get those perfect grill marks across your fish and still cook it all the way through? Look no further on how to grill like a master chef. Depending on the filet and the type of fish there are multiple ways to grill fish like a pro. Fish such as salmon, swordfish, tuna and Mahi Mahi work really well whole or cut into filets and can be placed directly on the grates. While other more delicate varieties such as cod, tilapia and flounder work best in foil or clamped in a grill basket. You can even make kabobs or use a cedar grilling plank. The options are limitless. So pay attention to these tips to help you learn to grill fish perfectly every time.

1. Grill with high heat

One huge mistake people make while grilling fish is not letting the grill get to the proper temperature. If you just turn your grill on and add the fish at medium heat it will most definitely stick to the grate. Use a thermometer to make sure your grill is at the right temp before you get started.

2. Choose the right method

Whether you are cooking a nice sturdy texture fish such as salmon or a delicate one like sole or flounder make sure you are using the proper technique.

3. Oil the grill

Not only should you have your grill at the right temp but you need to make sure and keep it properly oiled to avoid your fish sticking to the grill. Use a grill brush to oil the grill and continue to add more to your fish to keep the lubrication on the grill for when you flip.

4. Use a Metal Spatula

Tongs or a fork will only pull your fish apart when flipping. Use a metal grilling spatula to keep your fish intact.

5. Use the Flake test for doneness

It is important to time your grill according to the type and thickness of your fish. If you are not quite sure if its all the way done take a fork and slipghly flake off a piece of the meat. If the fish flakes off nicely and is completely opaque you know that your fish is complete.

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