Avoid Diet Temptation And Resist Eating Unhealthy Food

How to Resist Diet TemptationWhether you are on a diet in order to lose fat and gain muscle or you are on a diet to get healthier and improve your cholesterol reading and lower your blood pressure it all comes down to diet temptation and will power. The experts say that when something has been repeated 42 times it becomes a habit which seems to require less will power to maintain as routine.

How to resist diet temptation

If you are on a diet it means several days without breaking your rhythm which can be tough to get through when starting out for the first time. We will be discussing some very helpful tips to enable you to reach the point where your diet becomes a habit that you don’t have to think about because it is now a lifestyle.

Will Power and Control

Science has now proven that your will power to resist things like diet temptation is directly linked to the control that you have over your blood sugar. There was a study conducted by Roy Baumeister Ph. D. that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that found that participants with study levels of glucose were more determined to complete unsolvable tasks than their counterparts whose glucose levels decreased during the course of the experiment. So Dr. Baumeister concluded that if you increase your blood glucose level with a nutritious diet it will in turn give you additional will power.

Unrealistic Diet Expectations

One huge issue that people do while dieting is attempting to slash calories in effort to cut weight. If you are hungry your glucose levels are lower and in turn your brain has a lower tolerance to resist temptation like junk food. So if you are trying to diet and want a snack go ahead and have one, just make it a healthy snack like nuts or a piece of fruit.

Increase protein intake

Protein takes a lot longer to turn into glucose but it lasts a lot longer and it uses a lot more calories to turn itself into glycogen which is what your body needs to keep your blood sugar levels from dropping. The problem with eating refined sugar like a chocolate or fries is that it will send your blood sugar on a peak that will come crashing down below normal levels within an hour.

Treat yourself in moderation

You need to celebrate your hard earned workout that you have just done wisely. Pigging out at the drive-thru just after you have burned 700 calories at the gym to reward yourself is not a good idea as you will negate the positive effect it will have on your fat-loss objectives.

Set up a schedule

The best way to control your will power is by setting up your day to minimize the diet temptations that you are exposed to. Research also shows that you can help stick to your diet a lot by simply exaggerating the amount of calories that there are in a burger and fries. For example if you tell yourself that a pizza has got 2000 calories in it then there is a better chance that you will stay away. The bottom line is to ensure your weight loss success don’t deprive yourself. Instead fill up with healthy options.

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