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Low Carb Diets Better For Your Health

Low Fat vs. Low Carb DietsLow fat vs low carb diets. With muscle bound movie stars and athletes gracing the covers of magazines and TV screens and movie theaters all over the world, it’s no wonder why so many of us feel so inadequate and do all that we can to ensure that we look and feel as great as possible. When trying to lose weight you should think o trying a low carb diets. What is the low carb diet are you on it?

Low fat vs low carb diets

More and more of us are getting up off the couch and are heading into our nearest gyms in a bid to build muscle, tone up, and lose fat. What’s particularly interesting however, is that many of us have very different approaches to how we get ourselves into shape.

Some people think that fat is the devil incarnate and that it should be avoided at all costs, while others now feel that carbohydrates are public enemy number one when it comes to weight gain. For this reason, low fat diets and low carb diets are two of the most common and popular forms of diet on the entire planet, but which, if any, is better?

Low fat diets pros and cons

Low fat diets are without a doubt the most common types of diets in the world and have been for decades upon decades. People on low fat diets will limit their fat intake and their calories and will only consume super clean foods such as extra lean cuts of meat and fish, dry potatoes, boiled rice, whole wheat pasta, and plenty of vegetables. Their diets are virtually fat-free which does mean that the body does lose weight. As there will be no calories available in the form of fat, the body will actually dig into our body fat stores as a source of energy.

The problem with low fat diets is that they are bland, and they are pretty boring. Because of this, people often find themselves craving rich and unhealthy foods because the foods they’re currently eating on the diet are so tasteless. People also often struggle to find energy when they limit their fat intake, and as a result they feel tired and un well.

Low carb diets pros and cons

Ever since the Atkins diet became so popular not too long ago, more and more people have decided that carbohydrates could be to blame for our weight gain, and not fat at all. People on low carb diets will limit their carbohydrate intakes to around 25 – 40 grams of carbs per day.

The body needs carbohydrates as it breaks them down and converts them into glucose for energy. When we take this energy source away, the body panics and taps into the next available source, which is our body fat stores. Low carb diets are popular because they allow us to consume fat and high amounts of protein. That means that for breakfast you can tuck into eggs, bacon, and sausage and still lose weight.

The problem is that for the first few days whilst your body adjusts to not having carbs for energy, you feel extremely unwell and have a headache and just want to sleep. Once the feeling passes however, you will feel great as you will have lots of energy once your body begins burning your body fat.

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