Making Healthy Food More Appetizing

Making Healthy Food More AppetizingEverybody knows they should eat healthy food in order to be healthier. People know that they need to eat more fruits and vegetables, increase their fiber and lower fat. Really it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this as the media bombards us with this information daily.

Are you eating enough healthy food in your diet

However along with the media are the advertisements for the processed unhealthy foods. This can cause a rift in our desire to be healthier and eat our greens while having it taste and look delicious. So here are some tips to help you make healthy food more appealing and tasty.

• We eat with the eyes first

Ever had something look so disgusting that you just don’t want to eat it? That’s because we’re visual creatures and sight and smell kick are our first senses to enjoy our meals so buy new plates, bowls, and flatware. Use placemats, and napkins, really think about your meal and make an effort to have the restaurant effect at every meal. Add garnish to your food and really make an effort to make it look a feast for the eyes.

• Add color

There is possibly nothing more unappealing than white rice and chicken, it looks bland. Add color with black rice, purple potatoes, purple cauliflower and other non-traditional colored vegetables. Yes they really exist. Carrots aren't just orange either.

• Make food fun

everybody tries fun things to get kids to eat healthy and there is absolutely no reason the fun has to stop with childhood! Make a fruit face on your pancakes, and put those raisin ants on your celery sticks, food doesn’t have to be boring.

• Grow your own

Any gardener will tell you there is nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato. If you think fruits and vegetables have a chemical taste then either try growing your own, buy organic or look for a local farm stand. Even the most simple of foods like lettuce can have a totally different taste, and the even better news is organic, locally grown food has more nutrients than that which is conventionally grown.

• Experiment with different flavors

This means trying some new herbs and spices. Turmeric is a spice superfood with so many great benefits, it adds subtle flavor to food whilst turning foods bright orange/yellow which adds some visual impact to your plate.

It is true that after a period of time your taste buds will change and that salad that tastes weird, bland and unappetizing now will be a mouthful of flavors in a few short months. After all, you hear about people that quit smoking and then months later feel sick when they smell a cigarette smoke, well food is just the same. Once you eat healthy it’s hard to go back to the salt and fat laden unhealthy foods without feeling ill. The key is making it past those tumultuous few months.

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