Top Muscle Gaining Foods For Fitness Training

Top Muscle Gaining FoodsFor a lot of men the idea of packing on muscle is simply about the workout, but the reality of gaining muscle is a combination of fitness training and a higher calorie content to help you bulk up. Eating certain muscle gaining foods can help you to not only start feeling healthier and stronger, but will help you to build up muscle and keep it as well.

• Lean Red Meats

Lean red meat such as beef or bison is packed with high quality protein that helps your body to convert it to energy, muscle and power. Beef and bison also are a source of creatine which has stearic acid, a neutral saturated fat that has little to no effect on your cholesterol levels.

• Sprouted Grain Breads

Instead of eating breads filled with carbohydrates that have little value to your diet, eat sprouted grain breads that have been made by grains that sprouted before harvesting. Sprouted breads have fewer carbs and a higher content of protein which helps you to gain muscle a lot quicker.

• Salmon

Protein is one of the most important muscle gaining foods that you should be eating while trying to put on muscle mass and it should count for roughly 40% of your diet. Salmon is a great source of protein because it is rich in amino acids, Omega 3's and other nutrients that help your body form new muscles that are strong and healthy.

• Avocados

The right kind of fats are an essential part of a diet when bulking up and avocados provided twice the amount of fat as proteins or carbs, but are loaded in nutrients such as fiber to give your body the extra oomph that it needs during extended workouts.

• Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is very beneficial to a person while trying to gain muscle because it has a higher calorie content that is easy to include in other foods such as protein shakes and meals to help add calories quickly. It also has medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are a saturated fat that doesn’t absorb the same as other fats and is easily available for energy conversion when you workout.

• Skinless Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs unlike breasts are higher in fat content which help to add extra calories and protein during your muscle gaining workouts. As protein is vital to gain muscle, chicken thighs offer a great alternative to red meats or fish when your diet starts to get a little boring.

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