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Protein Synthesis for Bigger Muscle Gain

site of Protein Synthesis for Bigger Muscle GainWe’ve all seen professionally wrestlers, actors, or athletes on the TV, sporting huge muscular physiques and very little fat, and thought to ourselves about how we’d kill for a physique like that. Well, daydreaming isn’t going to build you a muscular physique, but hard work and dedication will. You need to bust your ass in the gym and train like crazy, and you have to be committed to following a healthy and balanced diet and nutrition plan. As well as just eating the right foods however, you also need to understand what it is that makes them healthy. Once you know why you need to consume certain foods, everything will suddenly make much better sense. Take protein for instance. We know that bodybuilders need to consume a lot of protein in order to build muscles, but you may not have known about site of protein synthesis inside the body, and how this process is vital for when it comes to building muscle.

Site of protein synthesis bigger muscle gain

So what exactly is protein synthesis?

Basically, protein synthesis is a process which occurs inside of our bodies, which is designed to remove, or replace any damaged proteins, and replace them with new proteins which are identical replicas of the original ones. As they’re brand new, these proteins are bigger, denser, and stronger than the old ones they replaced, meaning they can handle more stress than the older ones. The same applies with muscle protein synthesis MPS, which is when damaged muscle tissue is replaced with brand new muscle tissue following an intensive workout. The main thing about this process, is that although the majority of the muscle regenerating and rebuilding happens when we rest, typically during our sleep, the actual process starts almost as soon as our muscles encounter any stress. So basically, as soon as we begin lifting weights, muscle protein synthesis begins immediately, and it can last up to 48 hours, providing that enough nutrients I.E proteins and amino acids, are present.

Why is it so beneficial for building muscle?

Basically, without protein synthesis, your muscles wouldn’t repair themselves and therefore wouldn’t grow at all. You’d spend all of that time in the gym, lifting weights, and all you’d do is cause your muscles to atrophy, due to the fact that once you’ve destroyed the muscle fibers and tissues, they wouldn’t be able to repair themselves. Now, another key aspect of protein synthesis is giving your muscles enough time to recover, as well as feeding your body with enough protein in order to allow the process to take place.

Typically, in order for adequate protein synthesis to take place, a person needs to consume between 1 and 1 ½ grams of protein, per pound of bodyweight. So, if a person weighed 200lbs, they’d need to consume between 200 and 300 grams of protein every day. Remember, protein synthesis is responsible for your body rebuilding new muscle tissue, even bigger and stronger than it once was, but in order for it to do so, you need to provide it with a steady stream of proteins throughout the day.

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