Non Organic Food to Buy at Your Local Store

Non Organic Food to Buy at Your Local StoreIt seems like everywhere you turn products are organic, greenwise, earth friendly, you name it. While we are big advocates of preserving the earth it’s good to pick through the marketing and find the products that you really should go organic on and when it’s ok to go for non organic food items.

Food to buy non organic

Thick-Peeled Produce

Non organic food doesn’t really matter when it comes to vegetables and fruits like oranges, avocados, melons, pineapple or mangoes to name a few that have a thick non edible skin. Even though you don’t ingest the peel it’s still a good idea to wash before you cut them open to remove any residue.


Most chicken farms do not use growth hormones and it usually says so on the carton. Research studies show that many eggs that come from a factory do not have higher levels of contamination than eggs that are labeled organic. So make sure to read the package but if you are thinking you need to fork out double for those organic eggs it’s perfectly fine to use your grocer’s brand.

Frozen food packaged in plastic

Only with heat does your risk of chemicals leaching from plastic increase, and produce that is frozen is not as scary as some make it out to be. As long as you don’t boil the produce in the bag, your chance of ingesting chemicals that are harmful is extremely low. Just to be cautious always heat your frozen veggies in a heated pan or a microwave safe dish.


Since spices are dried and store most of an organic compound is already lost. Also the amount of the spice ingested is so minimal that organic doesn’t really matter. So going non organic on spices is totally fine.

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