How Time Restricted Eating Can Help Your Weight Loss

Time Restricted Eating

Are you a man, struggling with shedding off some body fat, well Time Restricted Eating might just be a game changer. You probably have tried several means but to no avail. There is some good news you never would believe at first sight. Yes, because it is that- incredible.

What is Time Restricted Eating and How Can it Help Weight Loss?

Do you know you can lose weight and in fact, attain the very much coveted longevity by the time restricted eating method? Time restricted eating (TRE) can be defined as a form of intermittent fasting and as valid as it seems, yet, the research that confirms its potency to help lose weight is being researched.

Curb night time snacking

On the other hand, nutritionists believe curbing unhealthy nighttime snacking can be a very good thing and way to lose some pounds of fat. You sure should take a solace in this concept.

TRE Method

The basic idea is that most people spend a lot of time munching something while awake and the TRE method is a simple way to shorten the number of hours we spend eating during the day.

This can be as simple as eating just between a certain period of hours during the day, say between noon and 8 p.m. or anything you consider suitable enough for you. It should be specified that you get the best of the time-restricted eating process when you stop eating early enough during the day.

Research Studies

According to a new study conducted by the University of Alabama, Birmingham between some overweight men and women, time-restricted eating was discovered to ramp up the extent of fat they burned in the night and in turn, brought about craving fewer things during the day.

Changing your eating schedule can help a great deal in losing weight and burning fat. In fact, a new research suggests eating dinner early or better still, skipping dinner for some time.

These methods are beneficial for losing weight because the human body is wired as a clock in which varied metabolism processes are at their optimum functioning in the morning.

Hence, your primary decision to eat in alignment with the body's clock by eating breakfast early enough in the day can have a positive influence on your health.

How can TRE work for you?

Another helpful idea of stopping eating before 7 pm is to allow your body to properly digest the food before you enter the sleeping state.
Time Restricted Eating can be summarized to be beneficial in the following ways:
1. Easy to implement
2. Reduced body fat and weight loss

TRE in its simplest description keeps excess weight off and aids keeping the body's weight in place. Decreasing body fat becomes pretty easy when you begin to eat on schedule.

Imagine you do not eat for a period of time between 8 to 12 hours or thereabout, you have entered a fasted state, hence your insulin level drops and your body begins to use fat as it's alternative source of energy.

If you try this method and implement appropriately on a schedule, without altering your diet or exercise activities, you are on the verge of losing body fat conveniently.

Agreeably, time restricted eating can be a bit challenging, especially if you are someone who snacks a lot or better still, you are the type that detests eating as early in the morning as possible. In the process, you will possibly eat too many calories and in turn, develop nutritional imbalances or even end up building a relationship that is not healthy with food.

Time restricted eating is a success, the extent of which depends on your choice of quality food during the eating period, when you are not in the fasted state. You are most likely not to see a significant weight loss no matter how much fast you have if your nutritional decisions at these time are poor.

In general, there are other benefits derived from the method aside from the aforementioned which are also directly or indirectly interwoven in the context. With TRE, your chances of getting cancer and other metabolic disease is greatly reduced.

This is because the occasional restriction of calories consumption and fasting have been found suitable to fight against cancer and metabolic-related diseases.


Finally, Time restricted eating has a process which if strictly and diligently followed, can help shed off some excess body fat. Subsequently, you can add some good years to your life and increase your lifespan because, in the fasted state, your body is constantly looking for possible ways of keeping you alive.

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