Weight Loss Plateau: Ways to Overcome It

Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss PlateauIf you’ve ever tried to lose weight before in your life, and we suspect that you may very well have, then you’ll know what a frustrating and testing experience it can be, both physically, and psychologically when you hit that weight loss plateau. There will be highs, and there will be lows, that’s just the nature of the beast.

Top tips to overcome the dreaded weight loss plateau

Everybody, and we do mean, everybody, experiences plateaus with their weight loss progress at some point, it’s just unavoidable. You could be doing so well for a number of weeks. Your meals could all be healthy and balanced, you could be exercising on a regular basis, you could be drinking more water and getting more sleep, and the pounds could be falling off you consistently every single week.

Then one day, you may weigh yourself, and all of a sudden, you won’t have lost any weight whatsoever. This is a weight loss plateau, and it’s how you respond to this particular point in time, that could decide whether you lose the weight you wish to lose, or end up giving in and gaining it all back. Always stick it out and never give in, because there are ways to overcome these problems.

Change your training

The more you expose the body to something, the more it will build up a tolerance towards it. Take caffeine for instance. If you never really drink coffee, and then all of a sudden decide to drink a double espresso with extra sugar, you’ll be bouncing off the walls for hours. Now, if a regular caffeine drinker had that same drink, they’d hardly feel the effects because their body will have become used to having caffeine every day. The same goes for diet and exercise, the more the body is exposed to the same things, the more relaxed and comfortable it feels.

Try Interval Training

If you used to go to the gym and do an hour’s cardio on a treadmill or cross trainer, then try interval training instead. With interval training, you’ll go at a steady pace for a few minutes, and then push yourself and go at an extremely fast pace for a minute or so, before slowing down and repeating the process. Doing this is a great way to get through your workouts quickly, and to shock your system into burning off more calories. As it’s alternating between fast and slow paced exercise, the body won’t know whether it’s coming or going, and will begin to burn off your excess fat stores for energy.

Change your diet

If you eat the same foods and the same meals every day, then mix things up. Say you have a high carb breakfast every morning, the body will know what’s coming, and will therefore be used to it, so not as many calories will be burnt. If you change to a high protein breakfast however, then the body will need to make changes to adjust to the new nutrients that it’s absorbing. The human body is a remarkable thing and its ability to adapt is simply astounding. You need to keep it guessing so that it doesn’t become too comfortable or relaxed. Mixing up your diet and training is a great way of doing just that, and before you know it, your weight loss plateau will be a thing of the past.

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