Holiday Weight Gain: Ways to Lose Those Extra Pounds

Ways to Lose Your Holiday WeightDuring the holidays we all overindulge and start to get that belly paunch after a few weeks of really good eating. It happens, but it doesn’t have to linger if you don’t want it to. Take a look at these 5 ways to lose your holiday weight or get you back to the toned six-pack you had before Turkey Day and Christmas came along. Take a look at these 5 holiday weight loss.

Ways to lose your holiday weight

Don’t Skip Breakfast

After a big day of over indulging many people decide to skip breakfast the next morning in some misguided attempt to save a few calories, fat, etc. This is a mistake; it can slow down your metabolism and make it even harder for you to get rid of those few pounds you gained over the holidays. Instead, have a light breakfast of fruit and milk/juice to kick start your metabolism and get your back to your normal eating routine once again.

Snack on Fruits/Vegetables and Fiber-Rich Foods

One of the reasons we feel so full and bloated after a day of eating is because of a high amount of salt from all of the delicious foods. The best way to get rid of the salt is to quickly flush it from your body and there is no better way than to eat foods that will help your body purge that salt naturally. Fruits, vegetables and other fiber-rich foods will help you to restore the normal fluid balance in your body by eliminating the excess salt that has built in your system.

Meet Up for a Game with the Boys

Sometimes losing a little holiday weight can be as simple as getting together with your friends for a friendly game of touch football, basketball, soccer, etc. You build up a little sweat, work off some calories, tone your body up and hang out with the guys… what better way is there to shed those holidays pounds?

Sleep it Off

You might be surprised to hear it, but sleep can help you lose weight. Not in the sense that sleeping is a fat burning activity, but rather a normal sleeping schedule helps your body to regulate its metabolism to a healthy level, therefore aiding in burning off the excess fat as you go about your day. Try to stick with a regular sleeping schedule of between 7-8 hours a night so that your body is fully rested and able to properly regulate your metabolism.

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