Alcohol – To Drink or Not To Drink

Alcohol – To Drink or Not To DrinkAs health conscious men we like to try and stay up with the latest advice on what keeps us healthy. However when it comes to the subject of alcohol there are some conflicting reports out there. On one hand they say it’s good for your heart and helps fight aging then they say it gives you belly fat and causes insomnia and poor sleep cycles. So what’s a guy to do?

Reasons alcohol is good for your health -

• Alcohol in moderation helps maintain bone mass

Beers that contain elevated levels of malted barley and hops provide a good source of an essential ingredient that, builds bone mineral density called dietary silicon. Clinical studies found that older men who consumed one to two glasses of beer a day had higher bone mineral density measurements than those in the study that did not drink.

• Resveratrol in red wine has been proven to aid aging

A research from the University of Texas, Austin, found that drinkers outlived their sober peer.

• Alcohol is good for your heart

The British Medical Journal, performed a study that showed individuals who have one alcoholic drink a day are up to 25 percent less likely to develop heart disease than those who drink no alcohol at all.

• Alcohol is good for your brain

Research shows it may even help preserve your memory and protect against some forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Reasons alcohol is bad for your health -

• Alcohol can increase stress levels

Alcohol reduces your levels of cortisol which helps regulate your mood. So people tend to drink more to feel better when in reality you are making yourself feel worse.

• Drinking packs on extra pounds

calories from alcohol are considered “empty calories,” meaning they have little to no nutritional value but still count toward your daily intake. So if you drink heavily without exercise these cocktail calories can add up fast.

• Alcohol Abuse

Everyone knows the danger of alcohol abuse and the mal effects it can have on your body, internal organs and social life. Keep your drinking in moderation for a good time that you won’t pay for monetarily, physically or emotionally.

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