Baja Mexico - And they are Off to The Races

Every year their is an annual pilgrimage from Miami to Baja. Baja Mexico and they're off. A number of wind sport junkies head to the famed Baja Mexico for a ten day stint of wind, water, and waves. It's really a treat for all of those that can make the trip. Vacation to Baja Mexico for amazing adventure sports.

Baja Mexico and they're off

It's a pretty adventurous trip. The plan usually entails a flight into San Diego, the picking up of a sturdy all-terrain vehicle to make the trek southward, the loading up of what little gear you’ll need to bring along, and the piling in of your crew all in preparation to hit the road less traveled.

Getting there is half the fun

It's a pretty bumpy ride the better part of the trip, but once you arrive to your new found paradise, it is all down hill from there. All the gear you could imagine is at your disposal. You’ll have a board for every wave at the tips of your toes, a stretched hammock for a brief relaxer between each epic session and an ice cold Pacifico in hand at the end of the day. (Or at the beginning of the day if you so choose and not necessarily limited to the one)

Beautiful Beaches of Baja Mexico

Aside from the gear, you wake from your camp to one of the most picturesque displays of nature a waterman (or woman) could ask for. A steady, clean rolling swell with any easy break, strong winds, the sun on your back and the welcoming smile of your fellow adventurers.

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