How to Feel Better In Minutes When You’re Depressed

How to Feel Better In Minutes When You’re DepressedDepression is never a great thing; it can leave people listless, moody, unable to cope with life and more. How to feel better in minutes when you’re depressed. Statistics show that about 1 out 10 people in the United States is depressed at this very moment; it is a startling fact that brings home the fact that depression is something we all face at one time or another, some of us more than others. We become depressed for a variety of reasons and getting out of the depressing funk is hard. So how do you combat depression when it is affecting every aspect of your life? There is a common assumption that depression is only helped by prescription drugs, but the simple fact is there are many ways to help combat depression and lift your mood in minutes.

How to feel better in minutes when you’re depressed

Get a Change of Scenery

Sometimes when depression is weighing us down a simple change of scenery can down a world of good. Take a relaxing walk and take the time to enjoy nature around you or give your home a quick redecorating to offer more light and a more cheery look. Simple things like this can help your mood be uplifted quickly because of the simple fact that it takes your mind off of things that keep bringing you down and it fundamentally changes what your eye see, requiring your mind to adapt to that happier/more relaxing scene.

Find Some Friends to Hang Out With

All too often people who are depressed get into a slump where they are so depressed they don’t want to be with people and this only makes things worse. You would be surprised at how much your mood improves in just a few minutes when you are laughing and hanging out with friend over a delicious meal, a poker game, etc.

Adopt an Animal

It is a proven fact that pets have a natural ability to relieve stress and depression by simply giving you a little companion ship and a warm body to be near. Animals are used in therapy sessions quite a bit because they naturally cheer people up and lift a person’s mood in just a minute or two. If you are a dog person think about adopting a dog from your local shelter; it will help you have a companion in the evenings when you might be feeling down and give you something to put your focus on rather than the issues that are weighing you down.

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