How to Make Your Boss Like You Without Sucking Up

How to Make Your Boss Like YouYour boss plays a big part in how successful you are in your current position as well as how successful you will be in future positions as well, making it vital that you at least get your boss to appreciate you if not like you. Trying to make your boss like you isn’t always as easy as you would hope, but with these tips you will be on your way to getting that friendly pat on the back or a favorable task from your boss down the road.

Be Friendly (But Not Too Friendly)

You want to form a relationship with your boss besides the normal routine of them telling you what to do and you reporting to them. Being friendly in subtle ways such as saying hello and goodbye, engaging them in conversation during breaks/lunch and so forth allows them to become more aware of who you are and what you can offer the company or them as a subordinate.

Tactically Volunteer for Tasks They Request Help With

Another way to make your boss like you is by being a person who is willing to help them complete tasks that are voluntary and not as favorable as others. Whether it is a simple task like running a few errands for them or completing a complicated overhaul of the filing system, be ready to volunteer when they ask it. However, make sure that what you volunteer for is within your realm of skills; if you complete a task that is subpar you will hurt your chances of getting there notice in the right way and could endanger your job in the process.

Take Initiative

If you see something that needs to be done and you can do it well, take initiative and do it. Try to subtly point these out to your boss if you can, but make sure not to be too obvious as this will make you look like a suck up, which is never good. Sometimes just getting the task done and letting nature take its course allows your boss to find out what you’ve done, putting you in a favorable light with the boss.

Adapt to How Your Boss Likes Things Done

Take the time to observe and note how your boss prefers things done and adapt to it; whether it is big things such as how they conduct themselves in the office environment to smaller things like how they prefer a desk to be ordered, be sure to pay attention how they do things. This allows you to cleverly mirror them without being overly obvious and ensures that they will be satisfied with the ending result.

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