Acting Young In Today's World Stay In Shape

Stay In Shape by Acting YoungTired of getting injured every time you start trying to exercise or Acting Young to stay in shape? Or worse, when you’re not doing anything at all? A big part of avoiding “old age” injuries is remembering how your body worked in its youngest days. When you were a child, you did what worked best for your body. Because that’s how all bodies are built. It’s “socially acceptable behavior” that drives us to use our bodies in ways other than they were attended.

How Can Acting Young Improve your Health?

Observe a toddler or kindergartener pick an object up off the floor.  You’re not likely to see them bend at a 90-degree angle at the waist, legs straight, and use their lower back to lift the object and Acting Young. What you probably will see is a squat in a wide-leg stance and a lift with the legs. How interesting that this is exactly how orthopedists and chiropractors will direct you to lift objects as well.

Learning Proper Form from Toddlers

Children also have no sense of pride when it comes to getting up from a seated position or lifting something overhead. They are more than willing to steady themselves first and then perform a task. They will more readily use “tools” to complete a task. Little masters of ergonomics as they learn to use their bodies to perform a desired action. Turning a sturdy box into a step to reach high-up places. Or using their heads and faces as a steadying point, or even (gasp) making multiple trips to move a collection of items from one place to another.

So the next time you think you’re “too old” to do something, ask what you would have done when you were young and think again. Remember age is just a number.

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