Natural Ways to Get Rid of Adult Acne

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Adult AcneAdult acne is one of the hidden problems that over 40% of adults have to deal with at least once in the adult lives, if not more. The embarrassing and unsightly skin issue can cause a world of confidence issues that can ripple through your professional and personal life, making it harder for you to feel confident and ready to meet life’s challenges head on. Well, if you are only of the many adults who deals with adult acne below you can find 5 natural ways to get rid of adult acne without costly skin products and harsh, chemical infused skin treatments.

Drink More Water
This is a simple, but effective way of getting rid of acne naturally by helping the body to purify itself by flushing toxins and pollutants from the body that can clog the pores both on the surface and in the inner layers.

This natural antibiotic can help to reduce and prevent the onset of acne (in the form of pimples) in the skin if used as soon as a problem occurs. You can use garlic in two ways for acne.

• Crush a fresh garlic clove between your clean hands and then rub the paste on and around the effected area. Let the garlic dry (about 30 minutes to 1 hour) and then wash the skin afterwards with a gentle oil-free facial cleanser. Repeat this process once a day for several days and the acne should dry up and fade away.

• Ingest fresh garlic through garlic supplements or through food. It is important to make sure to use fresh garlic as it loses its potency the less fresh it is.

For decades people have been using toothpaste to help dry out acne and its predecessor, pimples. The paste works by sucking up all of the oils and impurities in the acne, and helping to dry it up so that nothing else can form in its place. Apply a healthy smearing of the toothpaste to the affected area and let it stay there overnight. Gently wash away and repeat once a day for several days until the acne is gone.

Baking Soda
Much like toothpaste, baking soda works to counteract the acne by sucking up all of the oils in the acne that are causing it to bubble up with fluid, dirt and pus. Use the baking soda by mixing two parts baking soda with one part water and rubbing the paste onto your acne in a counterclockwise motion. Let the paste sit on your face for about 20 minutes and then remove.

Pure and natural honey is a great source of antioxidants and antibacterial properties that can aid a person when ingesting, but did you know those same properties can be used to fight acne as well. Rubbing a nice layer of honey on your acne and leaving it for 20 minutes helps to kill off the bacteria that is infecting the affected around of the acne.

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