Sexual Role Playing – Talking to Strangers

The thrill of the hunt is one of the biggest turn-ons out there. But there’s an equal amount of thrill that comes from being in a committed relationship. You can enjoy the best of both worlds if you’ve got a willing imagination. Think of it like sexual role playing, but without the costumes or pretend scenario. Surprise your partner after work, or turn up at the gym and introduce yourself (your true self) as though you’ve never met. Pay him or her a compliment that you’d normally use as a entry-point of discussion. “Hey, I’ve never seen you here before. Are you new in town?” or “Excuse me, do you know a good place for dinner around here? I’m supposed to meet someone special.” Keep up the façade for just a few minutes and your partner will most likely play along. And here’s where it gets tricky… you have to follow it through. Remember, you’re trying to make a good impression the same way you did when you first met. So play it cool, but not too cool. You still want to make a connection – just in a new, enticing way.

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