Text Messages that Men Should Never Send to a Woman

Text Messages that Men Should Never Send to a WomanIn the age of instant messages and phone texting it can be quite easy to send messages that you wished you hadn’t 5 seconds after you hit send. It happens to us all, but there is a way to prevent that from happening… by being aware of the worst offenders when it comes to text messages. Take a look at the 3 text messages that men should never send to a woman to help to avoid sending them yourself in the future.

The Offender: Sending a generic text like “Hey, want to come over and hang out?” after 11pm.

What You’re Thinking: Let’s be honest about 99% of the time this kind of text late at night is a booty call and you’re thinking about sex, plain and simple.

What She’s Thinking: “This loser serious wants a booty call right now? I knew he was too good to be true.” Unless you’ve got a friends-with-benefits arrangement most women aren’t going to take a booty call very well; she’ll feel cheap and used, and any chance of taking the relationship further is probably soon to die a quick death.

The Offender: Sending a text message with “sweet stuff”, “sugar”, “baby”, “honey”, etc too early in the relationship.

What You’re Thinking: “I’m a smooth talking Casanova who knows how to woo the ladies.” Giving a woman a pet name too early in the relationship may seem like a way to show her you care, but it just makes you come off like a player.

What She’s Thinking: “I’m not your ‘sweet stuff’ you idiot… god, why do they always do this?” Pet names after a certain amount of time usually go over well with the ladies, but too early and she’s wondering why you are being too familiar and what you’re after.

The Offender: Sending a text message with liberal use of emoticons.

What You’re Thinking: “I’m hip, I’m cool… I’m lazy and don’t want to bother writing out a whole message.” Emoticons can be useful here and there, but too much and you come off as a tween with a low vocabulary and not a lot of intelligent things to say.

What She’s Thinking: “What does that even mean? Ugh, I’m not having sex with him ever again.”

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