Three Muscle Building Tips for Skinny Guys

Three Muscle Building Tips for Skinny GuysAre you a fan of bodybuilding? Perhaps you’re a football fan, or even a fan of  basketball and soccer? What do all of those sports have in common? They’re packed full of people in absolutely amazing shape, who literally look like they’ve been chiseled out of granite. If you’re like most people who happen to be fans of these types of sports, then you’ll no doubt gaze upon those physiques with envious eyes, wishing that you too were in the same kind of shape as all of those other awe inspiring men. Say you’re a skinny guy for example, you could very well be pretty self conscious, and if you’re reading an article designed to help skinny guys pack on muscle, then that tells us that you almost certainly are self conscious, and would like to do something about your skinny frame. Well, you’ve most definitely come to the right place, so take a look at these three simple, yet extremely effective muscle building tips for skinny guys.

Eat More

Want to gain muscle but stay in single digit body fat? Not going to happen I’m afraid, so you need to accept that fact right now. If you’re looking to naturally bulk up, you need to eat, a lot! Now before we go any further, don’t think this gives you a free pass to your local pizza and burger place. Yes the occasional cheat meal is allowed, but for the most part, you need to be eating clean meals, little and often. Cut out processed frozen ready meals, and foods packed full of saturated fat, and swap them for wholesome natural foods. Lean cuts of meat, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, seafood etc, is what you should be consuming. Aim to eat between 4 – 6 small meals throughout the day, and always, always make sure to eat breakfast. Finally, make sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is vital.

Train hard

Whether you’re new to training in order to build muscle, or you’re pretty knowledgeable, you need to really push yourselves in the gym, if you want to add muscle to your skinny frames. Stick with compound lifts, and mainly work with free weights to begin with. Machines are great at isolating and toning muscles, but if you have no muscles to begin with, this is kind of pointless. Search the net for compound lifts, and make sure you read up on exactly how to perform each lift. Do not cheat! Make sure to perform each exercise to failure. If you bang out 10 reps and stop, when you could easily have gotten another 3 or 4, then you’re not working hard enough.


Many articles would probably have told you to go out and buy expensive supplements by now, but we aren't. The reason for this, is because supplements can be used when you become more advanced, which won’t be for a few weeks or months. Instead, make sure to rest! Many people make the mistake of training for 3 or 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t grow in the gym, you grow in your bed. Training breaks down your muscle tissue, your body rebuilds this tissue bigger and stronger, whilst you sleep. Training 4 days to begin with is perfectly adequate as you need to give your body time to adjust. The more experienced you become, you could look at adding an extra day, and changing your routine up a bit.

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