Are you a Bad Kisser? Seven Tips To Let You Know

The first kiss can go a long way in telling if you have chemistry with someone. But if you are a bad kisser it can go very wrong for you. So it’s important to set a good first impression and it plays a vital role in keeping intimacy in a long term relationship. With all of the awkwardness and the anticipation that can go into a kiss the moment can pass by very quickly so how do you know if you’re a bad kisser? Check out the tell all signs that you may need an upgrade in your kissing technique.

Top 7 Signs you are a bad kisser

Bad Kisser Sign#1:

She avoids kissing with the tongue

Sing #2:

She prefers to kiss other areas like your cheek or neck

Sing# 3:

She never initiates kissing

Sign# 4:

After the first kiss she never calls you back

Sign #5:

She is constantly offering you gum before intimate moments

Sign #6:

Your teeth are constantly hitting hers


She is pulling away to wipe her mouth

If you find any of the above statement true try to start out with a peck before you move right into the tongue action. Follow her lead with the rhythm, aggressiveness and overall pressure of the kiss. Just remember if the kissing is good it usually leads to the next step so nail this down and you will reap the rewards.

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