Best Positions to Hit Her G-Spot

Best Positions to Hit Her G-SpotSome guys might believe that’s the female G spot is just an elusive fairytale, but if you ask any woman if the G spot exists it is likely she will respond with a resounding yes! But simply being aware that this pleasure point exists doesn’t do you any good. If you want to please and satisfy her completely you need to pay attention to this area of her body. We understand you might need some direction in mapping out her body and figuring out the best position during sex to give her the ultimate climax.

So we have gathered four of the best positions to hit her G-spot.

Doggy style

Hitting it from behind allows you to penetrate her G spot directly. The best method to use in this position is to have her on all fours with her back slightly arched and her head comfortably on the bed. As you thrust gently pull her hips towards your body. This allows you to penetrate her completely and to tap the G-spot as you move back and forth. Your penis should rub against the front wall of her vagina which is precisely where the G-spot is located.

The standing wheel barrel

Stand behind your girl or wife in front of the bed and have her bend at the waist using the bed to support her upper body. She should then lift one of her legs which you should grasp from behind your body. You should enter her from behind and thrust into her in a downward motion. This will give you direct access to her G-spot and give you the power to make her feel intense pleasure.

Legs on shoulders

This is a fairly self-explanatory move where you put her legs on top of your shoulders while you thrust forward into her body. One tip to complete the position for the most pleasure on both sides is to cup her buttocks or the small of her back as you thrust into her. If that is too much work place a few pillows underneath her to get the correct angle. Once that angle is achieved your penis will rub against the G-spot with every thrust.


Have your girl or wife saddle up on top of you while you are seated on the couch or bed. With each leg on each side of your body she should move up and down according to her pleasure. This allows her to control how much pressure will be applied to her G-spot and the tempo of every thrust. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride as she enjoys herself on your member. Sounds like a great position for both of you.

Female Rotation

Lay on your back with your girl or wife on top of you facing the opposite direction. She should then move forward and lean down so she can grasp a hold of your ankles. She can then move up and down and side to side for the best pleasure possible. Once again, this position puts the power in her hands so she can determine precisely what feels good.

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