Top Ways to Achieve the Female Climax

female climax

The goal of every sex session with a woman is to make her come to an orgasm for complete satisfaction. Obviously that is your goal as well, but very few women need help getting the man to have an orgasm which is why this article is all about helping you to help her orgasm. Because we have a tendency to believe that sex is the only way for her to enjoy herself we caught up in getting right to it. But what if you looked at things differently and realized that the buildup to sex is just as important as the act itself? We can help you take your sex life from boring to awesome by using two strategies to make her climax before you get in on the action.

The female climax - how to get her there

Use your mouth

Oral sex is one of a woman’s favorite things if you know how to do it properly. There are three rules you should follow if you want to have her screaming by the time you are through.

1. Keep it clean not sloppy.
2. Let her be the only one making noise.
3. Vary the amount of pressure you apply.

While wet is good too much moisture from your mouth can actually desensitize her lady parts. Try to keep things clean by only using your tongue and lips to pleasure her instead of using your saliva to change the dynamics of her vagina. Trust us, she will NOT appreciate your hard work if you do nothing but slobber all over her.

The second tip is to keep things quiet. The last thing any woman wants to hear is her man sounding like a vacuum down below. Be quiet and let her make all the noise to allow her to really enjoy herself. Sound is more important than many men realize during sex so be cognizant of the noises you make when you go down on her.

The third tip involves switching up the pressure of your movements. You can use your tongue to apply pressure on her clit and her G spot by holding it in place and pressing it down. But don’t do the same move over and over, switch things up to really get her going.

Use your fingers

The next tip to make her orgasm before sex is to use your fingers. Of course, you have to prime her for action by revving up her engine through foreplay. Kiss her lips, tease her, and touch her all over her body. The next step is to wander down south with your fingers. First step is to separate her lips using your fingers. Then insert your fingers into her vagina. Once you insert your finger into her then you can find her G-spot. After finding her G-spot you can then tease it and put pressure on it until she explodes. The goal is to thrust in and out while stimulating her clitoris with your thumb. This creates an insane sensation that pushes her over the top in a few short minutes and completely without sex.

If you want your girl to orgasm use these surefire methods together to get her there and turn yourself on in the process. You will become her favorite lover if you master these two techniques.

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