Biggest Turnoffs that Irritate Women in a Relationship

Biggest Turnoffs that Irritate WomenWomen are very selective when it comes to their taste in men and opinions can vary widely depending on the woman. But when it comes to turnoffs, there are some steadfast rules that go across the board. Here are the biggest turnoff’s that will make a girl run for the hills. So if you are trying to hook Mrs. Right read on for a little advice on what not to do.

No sense of hygiene

This comes first in the list of turnoffs. Starting from bad breath, greasy hair, dirty fingernails to unclean clothes, the list can be endless. You can add body odor and smelly socks to the list too. No one expects her man to be like Brad Pitt but you should at least have basic sense of hygiene. Brushing your teeth, taking a bath, wearing clean clothes and trimming your nails and hair should form a part of every man’s routine.

Too much bragging

Women are attracted to successful men, but bragging too much about it is a turnoff. You may own a Mercedes or Porsche but that does not mean that you own the world also. Boasting about your money and power and flashing your credit card unnecessarily is not only lame but obnoxious too. Women get turned off by guys who are pompous, so take a lesson or two in humility.

Bad manners

Guys picking their nose in front of others, checking out other girls on a date, not opening the door for a woman- to name a few. These are all signs of bad manners and will turn off a girl quickly. If you want to impress the ladies brush up on your manners and it will take you far.

Too much sex drive

Girls want their men to value them as a person and not just think of then as sex objects. Of course you will feel some sexual attraction to the woman you are dating, that is why you asked her out in the first place. However if you are too aggressive with your sexual intentions in the initial stage of dating it can be a major turnoff for women.

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