Can You Be Friends After Sex How Hard Is It

Can You Be Friends After SexWho would say no to a friendly relationship that comes with ‘extra benefits’? But can you be friends after sex For many men, this is one offer that is too juicy to resist. Just imagine, you can go to bed with your female friend and enjoy all the experiences that come with it without the usual relationship obligations and restrictions! In theory, having this kind of arrangement is very appetizing, but in reality this arrangement will bring more issues that need to be resolved.

Can you be friends after sex

One such issue that will surely crop up is your friendship- can you remain friends after sex? This is often the question of many who wants to indulge in this different kind (yet highly alluring relationship arrangement), and often asked around by many men who have engaged in this guilty pleasure. So going back, is there hope to become friends once again after a night’s romp in bed?

Different Women Will Have Different Reactions

Different kinds of women will have different reactions when it comes to this unique relationship. There are some women who will surely dislike the idea, and if indeed they find themselves in bed then these types of women will normally swear to high heavens and throw friendship out of the window. These are the conservative-type of women who will blame it on the alcohol or say it was a mistake.

But there are some women who are open-minded and understand the unique appeal of this arrangement. For these types of women, it’s okay to be friends after sex. These women are a rare breed, thus you need to take good care of them and take appropriate steps to ensure that the second stab at friendship will be long-lasting and memorable.

If You Want to Be Friends, Make Sure She’s Into It

You need to make sure that your partner is willing to take part in this kind of arrangement. Make sure you talk with her, and make it a point that she understands and you are both on the same page. So how will you know that ‘she’s into it’ and there’s a possibility that you can still be friends after sex? One sign is that sex ended on a sweet note.

If you think that she enjoyed it and there was a connection after sex, then that is one sign that indeed you can take the extra step and extend a friendship offer. Also, if she makes the effort to stay in touch with you then this is another sign that she’s into it and you can take the appropriate steps to become friends again. Even if she did not accept early invitations but she is responding to your calls and advances, then this is another sign for you to initiate your friendship moves.

Yes, there can be friendship after sex provided that there are certain things and circumstances that can help you make it happen. If you can make it work, then you will get the opportunity to experience a different kind of relationship that many men are hoping for but they failed to make it happen.

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