First Date Deal Breakers Every Man Should Know

Common First Date Deal BreakersDating sucks, it seems like it can be a never ending cycle of comparisons of people. Or, dating can be amazing and you can connect with many personalities and have a great time. No matter what, there are some real first date deal breakers when it comes to the dating fiasco.

Put yourself together.

If you are going on a date then you obviously have an attraction, but don't forget to put yourself together to keep the other person interested not dressing properly is definitely a first date deal breakers. It's important to keep up your grooming, hygiene and fashion even if you have a level of comfort with your date. Dating is usually about the chase, so don’t give anyone a reason to move you to the back of the line.

Have a Plan.

Another dead beat date is one that isn’t planned. For the first date, expectations are high and emotions are vested into a relationship. No one will admit it but that’s what is so exciting about dating. The competition, the flattery and the fun are all elements that groom a relationship. Plan activities that keep you safe. This means you chose an activity that doesn’t force anyone to talk. Make the environment comfortable. Nobody wants to sit in awkward silence so if that’s what’s happening on your date, you better have a backup plan like meeting up with friends or dancing.

It’s okay to be spontaneous.

Even if you have a plan it’s better than nothing, and if you have a backup plan in place, it will be even better. Dates don’t always go as planned and who wants to follow a strict itinerary anyway. Dating should be fun and exciting not boring torture of forced conversation and repeat trips to the bathroom and the dreaded “so… what do you want to do?” that’s a nightmare and nobody will return for another round for tedious dating. So if you want a second date don't commit this first date deal breaker.

Obligated dates are the worst.

It’s one thing to get set up for a fixed date for the benefit of your parents, or a blind date for your friend. If you aren’t attracted to the other person the date can still be fun and successful. These dates are a great way to network, and share ideas. Dates don’t always have to mold into a relationship of love but it can be a valuable tool for making solid connections. Don’t be a fool and ruin a blind or fixed date because it’s just going to make your peers really mad and you’ll look like a coward. Pony Up! Get yourself together, be clean, have a plan and make it work, you never know where it will lead.

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