Dating After A Break Up: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Dating After A Break Up: How Soon Is Too SoonIt would be great if there was a perfect answer to the question of how soon should you be dating after a break up. Truth is, there isn’t a specific timeframe for getting over a break up, regardless of whether the relationship lasted a year or two decades.

What you can do is ask yourself of series of questions to gauge whether or not you’re truly ready to start dating after a break up. This way, you can save yourself (and your potential dates) the disaster of dating while you’re still hung up on someone else.

Am I Excited To Start Dating?

Dating should be enjoyable and not a chore; while you inevitably meet some people that aren't your type, you also have an opportunity to meet people who’re even better relationship material than before! With that being said, you have to feel truly ready to start dating again.

It’s okay to feel sad and wallow for a little bit after a break up.

That would be one of the worst times to start dating again, but you shouldn't be stuck in that rut indefinitely. Fortunately, this is where friendships play a part in gauging how soon you should start dating again.

Your friends are your ultimate support system after a break up, and they’re the ones who lift you up and encourage you to have fun again. The sooner you’re able to get back on your feet socially, the better prepared you are for dating. So this would be a promising time to start dating again!

Do I Feel Solid In My Life?

Aside from getting back on track socially, you should ask yourself whether or not you’re satisfied with your current career, life path, etc. As painful as break-ups are, it can help people sort out other issues they weren't confronting during their relationship. It’s healthy to take some time after a break-up to reacquaint yourself with music, art, sports, writing, or any other activities you’re passionate about.

Taking the time to focus on yourself

Undoubtedly this will help your confidence, which is a premiere quality for successful dating! You’ll have more topics to discuss, more personality that’ll shine through, and exhibit the type of qualities that leave positive and memorable impressions.

Remember, how soon you should date after a break up is ultimately up to you; but remember these tips to avoid taking the plunge before you’re ready!

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