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How to Improve My Relationship With my Partner


How to improve your relationship. As a relationship evolves the “gotta have it now” feeling changes into a more intimate and long lasting sort of love. This is a natural evolution of a relationship, but oftentimes these changes can cause a gap where your love and affection are on one side while your sexlife is on the other. When this happens rekindling the passion in your relationship is important, but how do you do it? Here are 4 ways to improve your sexlife today.

Five ways to improve your relationship

1. Get More Sleep

You would be surprised, but sleeping more can help to improve your relationship and rekindle that fire in your relationship by providing the energy and clarity of mind that is needed to have more than a passing interest in your partner. Additionally, sleeping together more can help to establish more intimacy in your relationship as cuddling together allows you to touch and create anticipation for when sex does come.

2. Join a Dance Class Together

From salsa to ballroom, dancing together is one of the best way to improve your relationship create passion and spice without automatically jumping in the sheets together. The sensuality of dance can heighten the sex appeal as you relearn each other’s bodies in new ways, rhythmically dancing together to the beat of an age old rhythm.

3. Create a Feast of the Senses

Food is one of the world’s oldest kinds of aphrodisiacs and can be a wonderful way for both of you to experience food in a truly sensual way to improve your relationship. Whether it is oysters, chocolate covered strawberries or the truly erotic figs, food can be a focal point of a night filled with delicious and wonderfully smelling dishes that ignite your passion in an explosion of the senses. Add in some romantic music to get your woman in the mood, candlelight and flowers and you have a night that appeals to every sense you both have.

4. Dabble in Roll Playing: improve your relationship

There is something to be said for roll playing that allows couples to step out of the small sphere of their lives and contemplate fantasies and desires that they might otherwise be afraid of trying out that can improve their relationship. By couple roll playing together you can reignite the spark in your sexlife by bringing in a new variety and level of passion that might have been lacking before.

5. Have Sex

This might be the most obvious piece of advice for your sex life but sometimes you can get caught up in trying all these techniques to improve your relationship and get her in the mood and not get the job done. After you have wined, dined, danced and romanced your way back to the bedroom get undressed and have some good old fashion sex. The great thing about sex is the more often you do it the more often both of you will crave it. Caress her hotspots and even start things off will a little oral play. Since women can orgasm multiple times per session the best way to get her to return the favor is to make her orgasm. After she has climaxed she will be eager to please you and ready for more action the next time you get her in the sack.

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