Dating Traditions to Keep or Do Away With

Dating Traditions to Keep or Do Away WithWhen it comes to dating traditions there are countless traditions that have cropped up over the years and become common place on dates. As the times change and the way that men and women interact changes with it, it has come time to figure out what traditions to keep and what ones you can do away with.

Dating Tradition to Keep: You as the Initiator

Why: Women love the romance in the act of a man pursuing them and with you being the initiator it allows them to feel as if they are wanted and desired. This tradition is definitely one to keep, but don’t go overboard; keep you efforts to woo them classy and within reason as being the initiator can quickly go from a lively pursuit to a creepy unwillingness to accept defeat.

Dating Tradition to Do Away With: The 3-Day Rule

Why: In this day and age where communication can come from a variety of things such as tweets, texts messages, emails and more, the 3-day rule has become an outdated and irrelevant dating traditions that no longer applies. Trust your instincts about when is the right time to contact them after a date and don’t be shy about showing your interest in going out again.

Dating Tradition to Keep: Holding the Door for Her

Why: Chivalry will never be dead and though the old “damsel in distress” form of chivalry is a little less common holding the door for her is a great dating tradition that goes a long way to show your respect and worth as a potential partner.

Dating Tradition to Do Away With: You Always Pay

Why: In times past men were the bread winners, the head of the household and it was expected and required that they always pay. However, as women have taken a more active part in the career world an equality between the sexes has formed that no longer makes it necessary for men to always pay. Some women still prefer men to always pay, but more and more women have initiated the act of “going Dutch” where each of you pay an equal share of dinner, movies, etc.

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