Dating Traditions in Countries around the World

Dating Traditions in Countries around the WorldIn most western countries, dating is just simply a casual cup of coffee or an all-out lavish dinner. More often than not, people already start dating in these countries when they hit their teenage years going to adulthood, with a couple different partners. There aren’t any strict dating traditions, except for the unsolicited parental advice. This is a great change from the ancient tradition of men raiding villages to capture wives which isn’t exactly the titular “knight in shining armor”. Time passed, and chivalry was born. Today, men should pay for dinner and devise ways to charm women.

Dating Traditions around the world

Middle East

In the Middle East, it isn’t exactly as easy as how the men in the west have it in the dating scene for their counterparts in the different parts of the world. Dating traditions in countries around the world are not as lenient as “rules” surrounding the western dating experience. In the country of Afghanistan, strict curfews are implemented upon those who aren’t yet in the marrying age. The girls should be within the borders of their home by 7 pm while boys should be inside by 11 pm.

Schools are gender specific, limiting any interaction with the opposite sex whatsoever. Hence, their parents have the responsibility in “hooking them up” through arranged marriages. In Iran, it is illegal to date. Teenagers are separated from each other until they reach the right age to marry. Just like Afghanistan, parents become “wingmen” for their children and pair them up with the person that they believe they are best suited to.


Keep in mind that dating traditions in countries around the world aren’t always strict and harsh. In Australia, teenagers hang out with large groups until they reach 18 years old. Typically, they separate from their group and start dating. It is also common for a lady to ask a guy on a date and even pay for the expenses.


In parts of Europe, dating is usually done in groups or in a large scale. Dances, clubs, parties, and other public events are where girls and boys meet each other. In Spain, most people join groups with their same interests, and this is where they usually meet their partners. There is no rule on who should ask who out first. Both boys and girls can ask their counterparts on a date, and they mostly split the bill.

Japan and Korea

Dating traditions in countries around the world usually involve gender-specific roles and responsibilities. In Japan and Korea, people don’t start dating until college because they focus more on school. Men are supposed to ask the women on a date and fully pay the bill at all times.

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