Erectile Dysfunction Myths & Facts

Erectile Dysfunction Myths & FactsWhen it comes to erectile dysfunction there is a lot of information and scare tactics out there. Not to mention all of those little blue pill commercials that are trying to get you to ask your doctor if they are right for you. So how do weed through the facts from the myths? Read on for our complete myth and fact check of the erectile dysfunction information out there.

Top Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

MYTH Erectile Dysfunction is truly no more than a natural part of growing older.

FACT While ED tends to be more prevalent in men that are older, it is not a natural part of growing older and thus must be considered a medical issue that needs to be solved via a medical solution. Just like you would never go without treatment for elevated blood pressure, you should never ignore ED and the way it affects you. Doctors and physicians who treat ED work with an extremely wide range of age groups, including younger men all the way up to men in the 90s.

MYTH Oral medicines are the best and most effective method of treating Erectile Dysfunction.

FACT While many men do find success with oral medications for ED, other men do not get the same results. If you are a man who has had limited or no success treating your ED with oral medicines, be sure to speak with a medical doctor to discuss what other options may be available to you.

MYTH Men who are less than 40 years old never have to worry about Erectile Dysfunction.

FACT While ED tends to be more prevalent in men that are older, it can be an issue for men in many age groups. More and more young men are realizing that they have ED as they develop conditions like high-blood pressure, diabetes and serious heart problems.

MYTH Oral Medicines are the only way that Erectile Dysfunction can be treated.

FACT Some men have success using oral medications to treat their erectile dysfunction but others don’t. If you have not seen success from oral medicines, you should speak to a healthcare professional to learn more about other ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

MYTH Men who suffer from heart conditions, high-blood pressure and/or diabetes do not have lots of options for treating ED.

FACT It is true that there are some oral medicines and pills that are not a suitable choice for men who have specific medical conditions; a qualified medical professional can inform you of different types of treatments that can be effective in the treatment of ED. Many doctors can provide you with non-systemic treatment options that are specially designed to prevent aggravation or complication of any other existent medical problem and that are designed to prevent interference with other medications. Men who have the types of conditions that are described above experience a high rate of success in treating their ED.

MYTH If the current urologist or physician who I have been working with can’t help, no one can.

FACT Many men see a couple of doctors before finding the right healthcare practitioner who can treat their ED issues properly. Just because the physician or urologist you have been working with has not been successful doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome your erectile dysfunction with the assistance of the right doctor. So if you have not been able to tackle the problem with the help of the first doctor, don’t feel badly about moving on to someone who may be more qualified to help you.

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