First Date Mistakes that You Might be Making

First Date Mistakes that You Might be MakingThe first date is oftentimes the small narrow window when you need to make the right impression by doing the right things no first date mistakes and say the right words… and if not, that second date just may never see the light of day. If you’ve gone on a few first dates and had trouble securing that second one, take a look at these 4 first date mistakes that you might be making.

First date mistakes that you might be making

Date Mistake #1: Avoiding/Forgetting to Make Eye Contact

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, well, in this case they are certainly the window to understanding and conveying who you are just a little more clearly. Making eye contact during a first date is important because it helps to establish a connection, helps to show that you are being honest and shows that you are really paying attention to her when she is talking to you. Try to remember to make eye contact every few seconds to ensure that she knows you are actively participating in the conversation.

Date Mistake #2: Being a Chatty Cathy

Talking to little can make a first date awkward and stilted, but talking to much can make it even worse. If you have the habit of babbling about anything and everything from the grooming habits of your four-legged friend Spot or your ex-girlfriend’s habit of ordering the most expensive item on the menu… nip that habit in the bud. Saying too much about your past relationships reveal too much before she gets to really know you or it could send her running for the hills in a bid to get away from a man that doesn’t know when to shut up.

Date Mistake #3: Trying Too Hard

When you have a first date with someone you’ve been hung up on for a while it may seem really important to make the right impression, but if you are trying too hard to do that it can make you look desperate and loser-ish. Be real, be honest and try to relax by just being yourself.

Date Mistake #4: Cutting Short or Dragging Out the First Date

Sometimes a short and sweet first date is the right choice and then other times a first date can fly by in what feels like seconds but was in reality 10 hours. Knowing which one is best for the both of you can keep both of you from trying to figure out what to say after you’ve already talked about everything or stopping the date before both of you has really been able to make an impression. Listen and watch for queues from her on whether or not she’s ready to leave or if she is interested in making the date longer.

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