Foods to Help Improve Your Sex life

Foods to Help Improve Your Sex lifeBest foods to help improve your sex life. If your sex life leaves something to be desired there are many avenues to help give a boost to your sex drive and that of your partner, all without the aid of pharmaceuticals which can sometimes prove more harmful that help. Foods like oysters have been touted as an aphrodisiac for years, helping to put a little spice back in your life, but did you that there are many other foods that can help boost your libido just as much or more than oysters? Take a look at these foods to help improve your sex life and get frisky with your partner today!

Foods to help improve your sex life


These green little balls of deliciousness where referred to as “testicles” by Aztecs in their native language not only because they are similar in shape to testes, but because they can help boost the libido in a roundabout way as well. Avocados are high in good fats and low in bad fats, helping to not only supply the body with energy when you start playing under the sheets, but helping to helping the heart and arteries function properly while you are getting frisky.


The red fruit helps to increase your sex drive twofold: one, the many nutrients in the fruit boosts your body’s health functions to help provide a solid base for sexual stimulation and two, the red helps to incite your libido with visual stimulation. Strawberries are a vibrant red that one study in sexual health found helps to stroke the fire of a man’s libido and get him in the mood far quicker than other colors in the spectrum.


While oysters might be the most well known aphrodisiac in the sea, they aren’t the only ones. Seafood in general is known to help provide a boost in a man’s libido because of the high concentrations of nutrients like zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and more.


Since the early 1st century, arugula has been heralded as a food that increases sexual health, but recently researchers have been able to identify the reasons why the leafy green has been used to boost the libido for two thousand years. The dark leafy green is packed full of trace minerals and antioxidants that help to provide a barrier against harmful environmental substances that can lower the sex drive and function of sexual organs such as free radicals.


While the funny looking fruit can help boost arousal by providing a healthy dose of nutrients to the body, the main reason figs are considered an aphrodisiac is because of the fruit’s resemblance to a woman’s neither regions. The fig was forever linked with sexual desire by the poet D.H. Lawrence who wrote the poem entitled “Figs” that expressed the pure sensuality of eating the pink fleshy fruit and how it is a truly decadent act.

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