Maca Root – Getting to the Root of Your Sex Drive

Maca Root - Getting to the Root of Your Sex DriveIf there was something you could eat to keep you feeling sexually youthful you’d try it, right? Great! Then let’s start talking about Maca Root – an herbal, plant root that’s been used in native South American cultures for centuries.

How Maca Root can enhance your sex life

About the size of a small pear and similar in appearance to a raw sweet potato, Maca is the underground root portion of a larger grassy plant that grows in the high altitude climates of the Andes Mountains.

To date, there is a lot of promise being shown in it, although large-scale clinical trials still have yet to yield any definitive results. Anecdotal evidence and small studies have shown the extract of the root to heighten libido and improve sperm production, motility and volume. Originally, it was assumed that it acted on the endocrine (hormone) system to create these effects.

Enhances nutrition, mood and energy

However, further investigation is shown to optimize nutrient absorption of the key nutrients and minerals used by the endocrine system – a small distinction but an important one. As well, Maca Root also seems to have a favorable effect on energy levels and overall mood, both of which can be instrumental to fueling your sex drive.

Boosts sperm count

The benefits of Maca root on your sex life doesn’t stop with just increasing mood and energy. According to Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD of Georgetown University Medical Center Maca ‘s biggest benefits are increasing sperm count, improve fertility and possibly have positive effects on sexual dysfunction.

For the Peruvians it is a staple in their regular diet.

It can be boiled and mashed like a potato and served with a variety of dishes. Although you may be hard pressed to find this amazing root vegetable in your local grocery store it is readily available in many supplements. To find Maca Root or Maca Root extract, visit your local health-food store or herbal pharmacy. Both should be able to direct you towards either the pure compound or an herbal mix containing the compound.

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