How Many Calories Burned During Sex

How Many Calories Burned During SexEvery man loves having sex. It’s like Christmas and Birthday’s combined with calories burned during sex. We get to enjoy our beautiful wives/girlfriends and ourselves all at the same time. Most men know that sex is fun, but not many think of it as a workout. As it turns out, high energy and up-tempo sack sessions can actually burn tons of calories. But how long you have sex and how much you weigh factor into how many calories burned during sex. Consider the following.

How many calories do you burned during sex

One hour of foreplay equals about 130 calories. Anything you do before sex whether its oral stimulation or any touching and kissing will get your workout started prior to the act itself. This will warm your body up and get you ready to enjoy Act II that will follow it shortly.

5-10 minutes of sex burns around 20 calories. That’s right, for all you jack rabbits out there your short sex session may be fun but it isn’t doing much for your figure. So before you decide to skip the gym and have sex instead, make sure it’s worth your effort.

Extra Calorie Burning Activities

Additional activities you can burn 20 calories doing: Watching TV and Sleeping.

15-30 minutes of sex burns right around 70-104 calories. A more in-depth look at calorie burning during sex shows that it burns little more calories than walking does. In other words, if you choose to go out for a 30 minute walk you will burn around 120-178 calories. The difference is made up depending on your body weight and how fast you walk. Obviously, the faster you move and the more you weigh the more calories you will burn.

Additional activities you can burn 100 calories doing: Giving your dog a bath, and shopping for groceries for 30 minutes.

60 minutes of sex results in up to 380 calories burned. Of course, when we say one hour of sex we mean a full on hour of sexual intercourse, not foreplay, not making out, just straight out getting busy. So if you have the energy, and the lube, to make that happen then you will be in for some serious calorie burning. Is it a feasible alternative to going to the gym? We’ll let you make that decision.

Additional activities you can burn 350 calories doing: Rock Climbing and playing tennis for an hour.

The final Calorie burn count

The average sex session lasts for 24 minutes. That means that depending on how much activity is taking place, such as crazy positions like doing it in a chair or standing up, you will burn more or less calories. Some people enjoy sex for up to an hour while others only do the deed for around 6 minutes. The point is, regardless of what you are doing during sex you have to do it for an extended period of time if you really want to work your muscles and get your blood pumping. Sex is an enjoyable part of any relationship, and it really shouldn’t be looked at as a workout routine. Instead, the more romantic and passionate it is the better it will be, and the more calories you will burn. Make it a point to enjoy both yourself and your partner and you won’t be worried about how much fat you are burning.

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