How to be a Good Wingman For Your Friends

How to be a Good WingmanBeing a wingman is all about giving your buddy a little support as he goes to the front lines and tries to win the girl. You’re there to give him support when he falters, rein him in when he starts to wander a bit and just be there to give him a sense of motivation when he needs it. Being a wingman may seem simple, but there are a few tricks, tips and rules to doing it properly. We have put together the top 4 tips on how to be a good wingman to help you be a better wingman.

How to be a good wingman

Tip #1: Evaluate the Situation

Before you and your friend even approach his lady of choice, evaluate the situation so that you go in there with the best strategy to get him a date, a phone number or a little late night company. If she’s surrounded by a whole bunch of friends talk about how to get her away from the pack or if she seems a little hesitant and shy decide how to bring her out of her shell. Once you know what you are doing and how you are doing it you can be a better wingman.

Tip #2: Make a Really Good Introduction for Your Friend

The wingman is the one who may need to start off the conversation to get it on the right track, so when you introduce your friend make it a really good introduction. Instead of saying something boring like “…and this is John” say something like “This is John, he’s an avid climber and he’s got plans to climb K2 later on this year.”

Tip #3: Pump Him Up

One of the biggest tips on how to be a good wingman is to pump your buddy up and give him the confidence to cinch the deal. Talk about how great your friend is while making sure to be honest but show him in the best of light as well. This will give him confidence and help to make the lady feel like he’s a good catch.

Tip #4: Be Willing to Take One for the Team

A good wingman knows that they may need to be the sacrificial lamb in their buddy’s bid to win the fair maiden’s heart. If she is surrounded by a pack of women or is with a friend, you may need to keep the other woman (women) entertained while your friend goes in for the kill.

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