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Office Romance Good or Bad Idea

The Pitfalls of an Office RomanceEvery guy loves the idea of having a office workplace romance with the hot secretary in his office at work. You imagine wild nights spent enjoying each other with no repercussions the next day at work. Too bad that isn’t exactly how things work.

The Dangers of an office workplace romance why it wont work

In fact, hooking up at work can lead to a lot more trouble than it may be worth. There are several factors you must contend with in an office romance, and these pitfalls can often lead to serious issues.

Interfere with your work

One major issue that office romance leads to is work problems. If you have a career job then office place romance can put your job in jeopardy. Most offices have a strict no fraternization policy that prohibits interoffice dating. Although this can sometimes be the catalyst that makes office romance so exciting, it certainly comes with this major pitfall. You certainly want to make sure it’s worth it before you put all your eggs in that basket.

If things don’t work out they are still around

Another huge pitfall of office workplace romance is the risk of ending the relationship resulting in serious problems with you ex/co-worker. Nearly every ‘normal’ man hates seeing his ex around town or at his favorite hang out places, magnify that by tenfold when you work with the person you hooked up with! Seeing this person 5 days a week may not be the most ideal situation for getting over them.

Creates distance with other co-workers

Engaging in office romance also puts you in a position where your work comes second to your romance. When you fall hard for a woman you tend to isolate yourself to just her and pull away from valuable contacts within your colleague pool. This can create a barrier between your network of contacts and you. It’s a bit childish if you aren’t careful.

Company Anti-Fraternization Policies

Obviously, having sex with your fellow coworker doesn’t exactly bode well with the boss. If you are too preoccupied with getting laid and having a relationship then you risk falling behind in work and falling behind in your chance for a promotion. It may sound harsh, but if you have worked hard for the job you have you don’t want to throw it all away just because you like the way a girl looks. It is your obligation to stay responsible and follow your company’s HR policies if you want a promotion next quarter. Aside from that, if your company has a strict anti-fraternization policy you can risk losing your job altogether.

You become the office gossip: office romance

Also, don’t forget about enemies. Every office has at least one individual who is out to destroy your chances of moving up in the company. If they find out you are getting busy with another office member then they might just get a serious case of blabber mouth and head on over to your boss’s office. If you aren’t concerned with that scenario then fear not, but if you have worked hard to move forward then you might be particularly cognizant of keeping things quiet.

If you take it to the next step one of you will have to quit: office romance

Office place romance can be the most exciting relationship you can ever have, and many of them do result in long-term relationships. However, it is important to remember the challenges you will face before you embark on this journey and also to analyze why you are doing it. Other than that, your relationship is up to you. Take the plunge of office place romance if you so dare.

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