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How to Get Her to Dress Up for You

How to Get Her to Dress Up for You

Have you seen what your woman would look like dress up for you apart from when she goes to the office? What a knock out! The only problems is, you only ever get to see her in sweat pants and t shirts with holes in them. What’s the deal? If you want your woman to dress up for you, you need to give her a reason. Here are some tips to help you see her at her finest.

How to get her to dress up for you

You have to remember why she dresses up for work.

She needs to look professional. A lot of people are going to see her. Appearance matters. It’s not that she doesn’t care what you think of her. She doesn’t want to have to dress up for a night at home like she does when she is out all day. Therein lies the secret. Get her out of the house. She’s not going to wear sweats to a nice restaurant, the movie theater, or an evening of shopping. You can’t expect her to dress up just to walk into the living room, but she’ll put on a nice dress and some make up for a night out on the town.

Take her shopping

Shopping is a great way to see her all dressed up. Some guys think shopping with a woman is boring, but make sure she knows you expect the evening to be a private fashion show. Take her places that have unisex dressing rooms, or at least a place outside for you to sit so that she doesn’t have to run all over the store in an outfit she isn’t sure of. Then pay for everything. You’ll take a hit to the wallet, but you’ll be sure to have future shopping trips in the future where you’ll get to see her in all kinds of great outfits.

Adjust the thermostat

Suggest that she find some comfortable house dresses for summertime. Then sacrifice a little of your own comfort and let the house be warm enough for her. If she doesn’t need to wear sweats in summer just to stay warm in the a/c, you’re more likely to see those little summer dresses come out for a day of lounging around. If that doesn’t work on its own, give her a gentle reminder. Something like, “Whatever happened to that house dress I bought you?” Say it with a charming smile and gentle caress. She’ll get the hint.

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