How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

How to Get Out of the Friend ZoneSo you meet a girl, you hit it off and somewhere along the line you get shunted off into the dreaded “Friend Zone” before you know it. It happens to all of us every now and then, but for many guys it can be difficult to get out of the friend zone once you’ve been assigned there. Once a woman designated you as “friend”, she can oftentimes take the sexual part of you and completely bypass it, allowing her to still remain friends to someone she could otherwise be sexually attracted to. Getting her to change that can be hard, but it can be done, you just have to know how to go about it. Take a look at these 5 ways to get out of the friend zone that will help you get that friend that you’ve been trying to ask out for years.

Give Her a Little Healthy Competition

Men and women are very similar when it comes to competition: when we see something that some else has we are more likely to pay attention to it as it becomes a desirable thing. It seems a little possessive, but much like two little kids fighting over a toy, when a man is seen as desirable by other women your potential girl/friend is able to see you as desirable as well.

Be Less Available in a “Friend” Capacity

The reason you have been shoved into the friend zone is because you hold a lot of the same responsibilities as any of her other female friends… you need to stop this from happening in the future. This doesn’t mean that you stop being a friend completely, but turn your interactions into a more romantically possible relationship. Whether you turn hanging out into “date-ish” moments or bring a little sexuality and flirting into your communication, being less of a “friend” and more of a potential suitor is important.

Initiate Physical Contact

In your part as a friend you probably have very little physical contact with her past friendly hugs and so forth, but to get out of that friend zone you need to turn your physical contact into a more intimate thing. From casual touches like holding her hand to guiding her out of room with a hand on the small of her back or rubbing her neck when she is stressed, bring a more sexually intimate aspect to your touches so that she becomes used to you touching her in a way that is less friendly and more sexualized.

Boost Your Self Confidence

There is nothing more appealing to a woman than a man who is confident in himself and his own sexual desirability. By improving yourself in ways such as working out, eating healthier, joining a sports team, etc you can boost your own confidence and draw her attention to you in a new, compelling way. As a bonus, being more confident in who you are can help you to gain the confidence to take the leap and finally make your move.

Make Your Move

At some point you have to make that move that finally shoves you out of the friend zone and into the romantic partner zone. Whether it is kissing her, asking her out on a date or something else, you need to make your move in a decisive and overt way. She needs to understand that you are ready and willing to be with her and that you have feelings for her… being less than 100% clear about your intentions can leave you both with insecurities that could damage a future relationship or stall the shift from “friends” to “more” before it actually happens.

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