How To be a Better Kisser According To The Expert

Tips to Help You be a Better KisserBeing a better kisser than most is something every woman values in a man whether she consciously admits it or not. Kissing is a large part of any sexual relationship from the initial kiss when you are first getting to know each other to the everyday kisses that allow an established couple to show affection in more subtle ways. Putting your best foot forwards when it comes to kissing can increase your chances of getting more dates which can increase your chances of finding someone who is perfect for you. So take a look at these 4 tips to help you be a better kisser that will make it possible to knock her socks off with a kiss to remember.

Tips to help you be a better kisser

You’re Not a Dog… So Don’t Slobber

Two out of every three women who were participants in a research study conducted by the Boston University listed slobbering as one of the factors for a man being a bad kisser. A little spit is a good thing as it can create a heightened sense of arousal, but too much and a woman feels as if she is drowning in it which is never a turn on. Before kissing her try to drink a glass of water to help swallow any excess saliva in your mouth and when you begin kissing her try to take a moment here and there to swallow your excess saliva before diving back in again.

Learn the Right Balance of Pressure and Force

Many women are attracted to a forceful or dominant partner, but it is important to find the right balance when it comes to kissing. Being too aggressive can make a woman feel as if she is getting her tonsils checked by her dentist instead of being wooed by her date. Start slow in the beginning and slow work your way up in forcefulness as the kiss continues, listening to her vocal cues and body language to find out what works for her and what doesn’t.

Check Your Breath Before You Kiss Her

Bad breath is one surefire way to turn an otherwise spectacular kiss into an experience that a woman is all too eager to get over with. There is something about secondhand smells from another person’s breath that just makes the smell worst, turning her off very quickly and also possibly putting it into her mind that your personal hygiene isn’t as on par with hers as she would like. Be sure to floss, brush and rinse your mouth out with mouthwash at least once a day if not more and see a dentist every 6 months to help stop dental issues that can give you foul breath that never seems to go away.

Learn the Art of Tongue Movements

They say that people who can tie a knot in a cherry stem are great kissers and there is a grain of truth to the saying. Tongue movements are a big part of being a great kisser because the tongue creates the movements and connections that turn a peck on the lips into a carnal act that sets the two of your on fire. Don’t let your tongue lay like a dead fish during the kiss and don’t let it flop around spastically either; try specific movements with your tongue such as rolling it around the tips of hers, thrusting it in and out of her mouth at different intervals or sliding it along the surface of her inner mouth to excite her.

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